ive been wathcing kemonozume and this is my favorite scene 







Ladies and gentlemen, Ferguson police.  

Straight up white supremacists.

this is exactly how they’ve always talked to us, this is how cops in NY speak to little brown and black kids as young as 12 and 13 up to 18 and 19 and so on. this isn’t because there’s aggression from riots this is just how they speak about us and think of us.

It upsets me that people are always trying to say this is how cops talk to us (yes, I have had a cop point a gun in my face before) and nobody believes it until Anderson Cooper puts it on television.



Scientists at MIT were able to recover voice and other audio just from a silent video of a bag of chips and some leaves

By analyzing the nigh imperceptible vibrations of leaves and a bag of potato chips, scientists at MIT were able to reconstruct intelligible audio from 15 feet away. All those sound waves bouncing around from the conversation bounced off the chip bag and the leaves— something so minute, you might not think it would be possible to reconstruct an entire conversation from, but they did.

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